Founded by AYDAN AKINERİ(1948, İzmir) in 1973, in PIETASAARI, FINLAND, Akıneri Wind Instruments continued its activities in Goteborg, Sweden (1983), Tampare, Finland (1984) and Ankara Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performance Arts(1994-2004). Akıneri Wind Instruments became official representative for YAMAHA in 1973 and the world’s leading music instrument producer BOOSEY & HAWKES in 1984.


Equipped with the latest technology, the lab offers maintenance and repair services for music instruments as well as restoration of antique instruments, both of which require special expertise. In 2008, Akıneri Wind Instruments started the production of AKINERİ brand G and Bb CLARINETS. African Grenadil, Mopani and Red Ivory are used in the production of these instruments. The lab also produces barrels, bells, wooden flutes, flute head points and piccolo mouthpieces, using aged boxwood. The lab is the official service provider for a number of corporations and institutions including private Symphony Orchestras, The Presidential Symphony Orchestra, State Symphony Orchestras, State Opera and Ballet Orchestras, Private and State Conservatories, music schools, university faculties and institutes.

The lab’s founder Aydan Akıneri and his colleagues place great value to R&D studies and continue to bring new and innovative project to life in İzmir since 2004. The lab also acts as official distributor for SCHAGERL, JOCHEN MEHNERT, HANS ZINNER, ENGELBERT SCHMID, KOLBERG, PHILIPP HAMIG and HARRY GOSSE brand instruments.


Born in 1948 in İzmir, Aydan Akeri graduated from K.K.K. High school for Military Band in 1968 and played the saxophone for a while in K.K.K. Harmony Band.


In 1972, Akıneri moved to the Finnish city, Pietarsaari. Who could have guessed this journey he started as a student of bassoon player Stig FORSMAN would completely change his life and led his way to a new career? He had some trouble with his bassoon, but at the time, there was no workshop in Finland that could repair it. The instrument was sent to Germany. He had made up his mind. In 1973, he opened the AKINERİ WIND INSTRUMENTS in Pietarsaari, with the tools and devices he purchased from FERREE in the USA. He participated in the trainings held by the company. Gary FERREE, a company partner he highly respected and valued visited his lab in Finland numerous times and gave him updates on the new developments in the field. AKINERİ continued to stay up-to-date with new developments in the field by regularly attending the courses held by FERREE's German distributor Jr. GÖTZ. By 1980, JÖSEF BÖHM’s instruments were at Akıneri Wind Instruments. In 1983, Akıneri established and managed the instrument making, maintenance and repair department of BOOSEY & HAWKES in GOTEBORG, Sweden. In 1984, he moved back to Finland, this time to the city of TAMPERE, where he also moved his lab.

Many years later, in 1994, Akıneri came back to his motherland to teach at Ankara Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, where he later became the orchestra manager. He worked at İzmir State Opera and Ballet as Luthie, until his retirement in 2004. He continues his studies at İZMİR, AKINERİ WIND INSTRUMENTS with his valuable colleagues, giving life to instruments and realizing new and innovative projects.

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